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Onze botanische en florale workshops worden op verschillende locaties in Nederland en België aangeboden.

Alle workshops zijn leuk voor bloemen-, planten- en natuurliefhebbers. Geweldige manier om creatief aan de slag te gaan, de dagelijkse drukte en stress achter je te laten en gewoon van het moment te genieten.

Ook geschikt voor privé- of teamworkshops.

What participants say...


Ruta - nature coach


"Zizi has joined Narcissus retreat where she held a Floral Print workshop. Everyone has enjoyed this floral prints workshop greatly- it brought participants together to connect with nature differently, and amazing creative outcomes have emerged out of this time during the retreat.

Botanical arts showed to me and the participants' different aspects of Nature vs what we normally used to see, creativity, personal touch, and nature together - so inspiring, authentic, and will stay in their hearts forever. I thoroughly enjoy Zizi's professionalism, authenticity, and connection to Nature. Can not wait to organize another Nature retreat with her and share our blend of nature connection with the others!"


Teacher Development Day

 International School of Zug and Lucerne


"Thanks so much for your input and for leading the workshop - the team loved it."

Als je geïnteresseerd bent in een privé workshop, met je vrienden of team,

neem dan even contact op.

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